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Yes. Go to the golive at the bottom right of your screen and then turn on the “Record to Phone” option. Your live stream will now be saved to Cloud storage.:
Though not required, it is recommended to use earbuds with a microphone for best quality.
No. Though WiFi is preferred, you can livestream with regular cell service.
Yes. When not connected to WiFi, data is used to send a livestream. Check with your carrier’s data plan to determine your usage guidelines.
You can change your profile picture from the app ‘Profile’ link in the upper left corner of the screen.
You can access your videos through the ‘My channel’ section within the app.
Your phone has a built-in mic that will work for close-up recordings. If the subject is more than 10 feet away, we recommend using a Bluetooth mic.
When a News Connection station sees that you have selected them as a destination for your video feed, they can contact you directly through the message function of the app for footage or news coverage.
FLAPLIVE™ is available on both Google Play and the App Store. The app has clear instructions to help you install the app on your phone, activate your connections to news outlets, and set up your social media connections so you can feed to any and all whenever you choose.
Access MyCHANNEL. You can then scroll down the menu of videos.
Press the golive button at the bottom of the screen. It will direct you to rotate your phone to the horizontal position and begin recording and streaming.
Your video feeds go directly from your phone to the flaplive App Cloud storage system where news rooms can access what you have fed at any time, through the flaplive APP CCR (Camcaster Control Room) on their computer. Editors and producers at the news outlet can screen your footage, download it for editing, and cue it ready for air.
This depends on the length of the video. Short videos take just a few seconds, whereas long videos can take several minutes.
Live streaming will use more battery than typical cell phone use. Having an auxiliary external battery standing by will increase the amount of time you can stream live.
With flaplive App™, you can feed live video to all of your social media accounts and communities at the same time. You can send what you are recording to news outlets of your choice as well as collaborate with other smart phone users to produce multi-camera live-stream programs to any and all sites of your choice
If the channel approved your videos before they discontinued their service, your videos will stay online. If they did not approve and publish your videos, you may re-upload your videos to a different news connection.
A News Connection is any organization that has a subscription to accessFlapLive App live-streams. You must choose 1-3 News connections to send your live-stream to. News Connections are found by clicking the left profile bar. A menu of news organizations will appear.
The app will default to the lowest quality streaming resolution. If you are in a strong service area, you may change the resolution by clicking on the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right of your screen. Choose “Camera Settings” and then choose “Medium”. The app will check bandwidth before streaming. If it is not acceptable, then reset to “Normal”. You may also select the “High” setting if you have extremely good cell reception.

Support Questions

Any internet connection will allow you to view live-streams. Just like any other video feed on your phone, the speed of the connection will determine how much buffering takes place while you are viewing.
Use two hands, a selfie stick, or a cell phone clamp from the end of a selfie stick installed on a simple tripod.
You need a News Connection so your live-stream can be broadcast on the air and make money.
The app allows your live-stream to go immediately and directly to any social media sites listed in the flapliveapp menu all at the same time. No other app allows you to post to so many different social media sites, news outlets, and organizations that you are connected to and make money on the content provided.
Yes. When not connected to WiFi, data is used to send a livestream. Check with your carrier’s data plan to determine your usage guidelines.

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