We propose to Empower you to Impact video Transparently all around the world.


About Flaplive

FlapLive App coming soon.

Flap Live Is a Live video Broadcasting News platform which empowers users to get breaking news at their fingertips around the world.

We expect to convey first reachable breaking news crosswise globally. Each user is a “flapper” who will broadcast live news to the Users before any news channel, organization, newspaper presents the news.

Capture the moment

Step 1. Install Flaplive on Your Mobile devices.

Step 2. Start Recording the Live Streaming Video's.

Step 3. Post Live video's.

How it works

Install the app and you are ready to go.

Shoot breaking news anywhere/any time with golive button on the screen and live stream to the network and news channels.

Add title to your livestream with voice over text option on the camera screen.

IMP: Always stream through horizontal mode for better video capture.

Make money every time you generate breaking news.

Download FlapLive coming soon